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Prescription drug coverage can vary a lot from one health plan to another. Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) Access Support® helps empower you with tools and information that may help you get access to your prescribed BMS medications.

Your doctor’s office staff plays a key role in the process, but BMS Access Support can help guide you. This site helps you understand the process of obtaining coverage. It also helps you become an active participant along the way.

Our focus on patient health includes everything from groundbreaking research to support programs.

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Your doctor has prescribed a medication for you. Learn what happens next.

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Find your insurance type to help you better understand your coverage.

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Learn about programs and services that may be able to help you afford your medication

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The accurate completion of reimbursement- or coverage-related documentation is the responsibility of the healthcare provider and patient. Bristol-Myers Squibb and its agents make no guarantee regarding reimbursement for any service or item.

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