Bristol-Myers Squibb is committed to helping appropriate patients get access to our medications by providing access and reimbursement support services.

This information is intended for U.S. healthcare professionals and/or healthcare professionals involved in healthcare reimbursement.

Bristol Myers Squibb recognizes the COVID-19 pandemic may impact some patients’ ability to afford or access their medicines.
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BMS Kidney Transplant Co-Pay Assistance Program

The BMS Kidney Transplant Co-Pay Assistance Program offers financial assistance to eligible, commercially insured patients. The program provides financial assistance with the out-of-pocket deductibles, co-pay, or co-insurance costs for eligible patients who have been prescribed a BMS kidney transplant medication.

Program at a Glance:

Kidney Transplant Copay ImageKidney Transplant Copay Image

Restrictions apply. Final determination of Program eligibility is based upon review of completed application. Please click here for full Terms and Conditions, including complete eligibility requirements.

Please note: The Program will cover the out-of-pocket expenses of the BMS product only. It does not cover the costs of any other healthcare provider charges or any other treatment costs. Patients may be responsible for non-drug-related out-of-pocket costs, depending on their specific healthcare benefits.

How Does It Work? It's Simple.

Obtain the Enrollment Form in one of the following ways:

You and your patient complete and sign the Enrollment Form. The patient's name, address, insurance carrier, and member identification number are required.

  • Please fax the completed Enrollment Form to 1-888-776-2370.

For questions or to confirm receipt of the application, call the Support Center at 1-800-861-0048, 8 am to 8 pm ET, Monday-Friday.

BMS Access Support provides the requested services, such as verifying patient’s insurance and identification of infusion providers. BMS Access Support will notify provider of findings and next steps for requested services.

The accurate completion of reimbursement- or coverage-related documentation is the responsibility of the healthcare provider and patient. Bristol-Myers Squibb and its agents make no guarantee regarding reimbursement for any service or item.

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8 am to 8 pm ET,
Monday - Friday
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